TERRA conference to provide businesses with direction on incoming CSRD legislation

The first annual conference on ESG and Impact Investing set to feature Chiara del Prete from EFRAG, Andrey Chicherin from the Green Climate Fund, and our own Shannon Weber, Founder and Strategic Director at Numinara, as well as other international and Maltese speakers.

Working Town will host TERRA, its first annual conference on ESG and Impact Investing, which is set to take place on 10th July 2024, World Energy Independence Day.

The event shall feature leading international and local speakers on the subject of ESG and is expected to help businesses prepare for incoming legislation, namely the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

ESG has brought the environmental and social impacts of businesses to the forefront of regulatory agenda. In the coming months, all business will be directly or indirectly impacted by the SFRD legislation as banks, insurance companies and large clients will want to know about their sustainability when deciding on interest rates, premium charges, and on which companies to engage.

TERRA shall provide direction, and all the answers in one place, with a unique line-up of local and international speakers. Headlining TERRA on ESG will be Chiara del Prete, Chair at EFRAG’s Sustainability Reporting Technical Expert Group. EFRAG is the organisation that drafted the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) mandated by the CSRD. Chiara is a leading voice on the subject of ESRS and CSRD, having been involved directly in the drafting of the standards themselves. She will be delivering a keynote speech, providing an update on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Furthermore, she will also field questions from attendees, who will have the unique opportunity to clarify any doubts on the subject, directly with one of the most prominent sources on the subject, across the continent.

Andrey Chicherin will be the keynote speaker on Impact Investing. He is responsible for Technology, Innovation and Co-funding at the UNFCCC’s Green Climate Fund which has been financing projects to tackle climate change to the tune of USD14 Billion. Andrey will discuss the state of the art in green technologies and also how to overcome financing challenges for sustainable projects.

TERRA shall also feature speeches by Pascal Lagarde, Executive Director at bpifrance, David Howe, Founder at Jordisk and Shannon Weber, Founder and Strategic Director at Numinara, and Martins Zemitis, Economic Analyst at the European Commission in Latvia.

Joining the international line-up of speakers will also be leading local contributors namely Marie Briguglio, Associate Professor at the University of Malta (UM), George Mangion, Senior Partner at PKF Malta, Roberta Lepre, Founder and Managing Director at Weave Consulting, Matthew Swain, Head of Sustainability at APS, Luke Hili, Associate at Ganado Advocates, Marthese Portelli, CEO at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Graziella Grech, COO at Finance Malta and Lorraine Vella, Head Capital Markets Supervision at the Malta Financial Services Authority. Mark Azzopardi, Herald Bonnici, and Antonello Gauci shall be leading the conference on behalf of Working Town.

The event is supported by APS Bank, FinanceMalta, Ganado Advocates, iMovo, and PKF Malta. For more information and registrations please visit https://events.workingtown.com/terra2024.

Original article: https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/announcements/announcements/129820/terra_conference_to_provide_businesses_with_direction_on_incoming_csrd_legislation


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