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Driving Transformation Together

Empowering Sustainable Success: Numinara's Strategic Partnership with EBS Advisory

Numinara proudly announces its partnership with EBS Advisory, now known as Strategy and Transactions Sustainability (SaTS), a division of EY Parthenon, as our ESG implementation partner. Established in 1999, EBS Advisory has been a pioneer in ESG and Sustainability advisory services to Private Equity and Corporates. The union with Numinara marks a powerful collaboration to drive impactful change.

Our Shared Legacy:

Elevating Impact Together:

Numinara and SaTS: Uniting for Global Sustainability Transformation.

Strategic Partnership: Numinara and The ESG & Sustainability Alliance

Numinara proudly announces a strategic partnership with The ESG & Sustainability Alliance, founded by ESG Education & Business. Together, we forge a collaborative alliance to empower Vietnam and International companies in Vietnam to elevate their ESG and sustainability engagement.

About The ESG & Sustainability Alliance:

The ESG & Sustainability Alliance provides a platform for companies to showcase their ESG and sustainable commitments, fostering knowledge exchange among businesses.

Their mission aligns with creating opportunities for Alliance members to learn about ESG and sustainability, connect with valuable partners, establish communication with Government authorities, and enhance engagement among employees and stakeholders around sustainability.

How Numinara Enhances the Partnership:

Numinara, as a strategic partner, brings a wealth of expertise and resources to augment the objectives of The ESG & Sustainability Alliance. Our collaborative efforts aim to further the impact of sustainable practices, knowledge dissemination, and stakeholder engagement within the Vietnam business community.

Together, we aspire to drive positive change, advocate sustainable business practices, and contribute to the broader conversation on ESG and sustainability in the region. This partnership strengthens our commitment to building a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem.

Numinara and SaTS: Uniting for Global Sustainability Transformation.

Strategic Partnership Announcement: Numinara and Certified Plastic Neutral

Numinara is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Certified Plastic Neutral, an organisation formed in 2023 to lead the charge against global plastic pollution and drive sustainable solutions. Certified Plastic Neutral operates as an agent for Corsair, the pioneers in plastic waste recycling, actively contributing to the establishment of a global circular economy for plastic.

About Certified Plastic Neutral and Corsair:

Certified Plastic Neutral collaborates with Corsair, leveraging their groundbreaking pyrolysis technology to combat plastic pollution. Corsair’s innovative CSR Plastic Credit, introduced in 2021, empowers businesses and organisations to offset their plastic footprint, enhancing their sustainability credentials.

The impact has been significant, with companies across SE Asia and Europe, spanning diverse industries like hospitality, health and wellness, manufacturing, construction, education, and retail, committing to becoming plastic neutral.

Corsair’s Advanced Bio-oil, derived from recycled plastic waste in their facilities, has attracted some of the world’s largest petrochemical companies. This signals a transformative shift towards sustainability, reinforcing the commitment to responsible practices irrespective of the size or industry of the adopting companies.

Numinara's Commitment:

As strategic partners, Numinara and Certified Plastic Neutral unite to champion the cause of sustainable practices and combat plastic pollution. Our collaboration aims to amplify the global impact of plastic neutrality, encouraging businesses to join the plastic crusade and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Together, we embark on a journey to inspire change, foster awareness, and drive meaningful action against plastic pollution.

Numinara and Certified Plastic Neutral: A Dynamic Partnership for a Plastic-Neutral Future.

Numinara and M&E Partners: Elevating Business, Empowering Change

We are thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with M&E Partners Global Coaching & Consulting, marking a significant step forward in our shared journey towards excellence and sustainability.

M&E Partners goes beyond traditional consulting; they are architects of success, dedicated to empowering businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Their focus on sustainability, education, and innovation underpins bespoke services in Strategic Business Development, Marketing & Research Strategy, Leadership Training, and Investment Matching.  Specialising in fostering growth through responsible business practices, they bring cross-functional expertise to support partners in achieving their goals.

Through this partnership we expand our services to offer:

Together, we embark on a journey to inspire change, foster awareness, and drive meaningful action.

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