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Venture Capital Firms are pivotal in shaping the future. At Numinara, we comprehend the challenges you encounter when assessing potential investments.

In this purpose-driven era, integrating robust ESG strategies isn’t just responsible—it’s a catalyst for maximising returns and ensuring the long-term success of your portfolio companies.

Our Specialised Services Empower Venture Capital Firms Like Yours:

ESG Assessments

Risk Mitigation,
Value Amplification

Investor Alignment

Leadership Training
and Support

ESG Club:
Elevate Your Portfolio Companies' ESG Game

Unlock ESG Excellence, Drive Value: An Exclusive Offering for VC Portfolio Companies

Navigating the complex ESG landscape can be daunting, especially for early-stage SMEs. That’s why we’ve introduced ESG Club, our groundbreaking solution tailored to streamline ESG management and reporting for your portfolio companies.

Joining the ESG Club not only simplify the journey but also brings significant cost savings, ensuring your ventures excel in sustainable practices without breaking the bank.

Key Features:

Tailored for Your Portfolio

Our 9-stage process is ideal for companies of similar sectors, sizes, or regions. We customise the journey to ensure relevance and impact.

Staged Learning

A phased 12-15 month approach with key training, templates, examples, and assignments at each stage. Designed for efficiency, each stage takes between one and three months to complete.

Pareto Principle Approach

80% common processes, 20% bespoke. We focus on what matters most to optimise efforts, from materiality assessment to risk identification.

Budget Transparency

Budgets provided at each stage for online support. No surprises - you'll know exactly what you're investing in. Overflow rates apply only when bespoke budgets are exceeded.

User-Friendly Tools

Enjoy simplified, interactive tools like an ESG database and carbon emissions calculator. We make data management a breeze.

Interactive Learning

All interactions are online, but site visits are available. Our goal is to empower your portfolio companies to execute independently by year 2.

The 9-Stage Process:

Why ESG Club?


Drive ESG excellence without breaking the bank.


Our staged approach optimizes time and resources.


Clear budgets and defined stages for a hassle-free experience.


Enable portfolio companies to execute independently by year 2.

Ready to elevate your portfolio companies' ESG journey?
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Why Partner with Numinara for Platform Support:

Our partnership can help you transform your portfolio into responsible business, attracting aligned investors and driving sustainable growth. Numinara guides you to redefine ethical investments and shape a future where impact meets financial success. Join us in pioneering change.

Holistic Approach:

Our services are interconnected, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive strategy for supporting your portfolio companies.


Strategic Insight:

Benefit from our expertise in guiding businesses through strategic decision-making, ensuring each step aligns with overarching goals.


Proven Success:

With a track record of transforming businesses, Numinara is your reliable partner for unlocking the full potential of your portfolio companies.


Customised Solutions:

Tailored to the unique needs of each portfolio company, our services provide bespoke solutions for impactful outcomes.


Ready to empower your portfolio companies for success?
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Platform Support: Empowering Portfolio Excellence

At Numinara, we understand that Venture Capital Firms aspire to be more than mere financial backers – you’re visionaries shaping the success of your portfolio companies.

Our platform support services are meticulously designed to amplify value at every juncture of their journey.

Business Needs Analysis:

Strategic Insights for Informed Decisions

Unleash the true potential of your portfolio companies. Our comprehensive Business Needs Analysis delivers actionable insights, refining strategies, fortifying business plans, and magnetising potential investors.

Investor Pitches:

Crafting Distinctive Market Presence

Propel your portfolio companies into the spotlight with our Brand Positioning services. We dive deep into their essence, extracting unique value propositions, and strategically positioning them for market leadership.

Branding and Visual Identity:

Designing Distinctive Brand Experiences

Ignite recognition in the market with a robust brand identity. Our Branding and Visual Identity services encompass logo design, color schemes, and visual elements, creating a consistent and unforgettable brand image.

Thought Leadership and PR:

Positioning as Industry Authorities

Cement your portfolio companies as thought leaders. Our Thought Leadership and PR services craft impactful narratives, engage with media, and position them as the authoritative voices in their industries.

Brand Positioning:

Crafting Distinctive Market Presence

Propel your portfolio companies into the spotlight with our Brand Positioning services. We dive deep into their essence, extracting unique value propositions, and strategically positioning them for market leadership.

Brand Storytelling:

Guiding Narratives for Impactful Connections

In the age of purpose-driven business, our Brand Storytelling service helps portfolio companies communicate their stories effectively. We craft narratives that resonate, fostering deep connections with audiences.

Website Design and Development:

Digital Excellence for Unparalleled Online Presence

Elevate online experiences with our Website Design and Development services. We construct user-centric, visually stunning websites aligned with brand strategies, igniting engagement and conversions.

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